Thursday, March 01, 2007

The one where everyone hates Jamie4U

I think something is wrong with my mobile cos I haven't had any text messages for like 3 days. I had been txting Debbie and Keith and Miss Thang and Barbara (and even Brian) for like ever, and nothing!

Anyway, I popped into Climax 2000 last night and they were all in there together, laughing about something. I was like "hi! do you like my new haircut?" (cos like I have had new dirty blonde streaks put in and it's all shaved at the sides - dead kewl!) But I think they all must have been on drugs or summat cos they just stared at me. Then Keith burst out laughing in this high pitched voice (he is such a girl!).

Miss Thang then said "Yes Jamie, what a brave choice!" And they all started laughing again. So I sat down and was like "I've been like txting you all, did you not get my messages?"
And Debbie goes "Yeah, we got them, but none of us felt like replying Jamie."

So I was like "why? Who got your knickers in a twist?" And Debbie was like "You did. You know what I'm talking about."

I had to think for a bit, but then I remembered that last week at this party, Debbie had been there with her new boyfriend. Anyway, he got really drunk and pass out on this bed. I was sure he had been flirting with me all night and was in the closet, so I had done what comes natural to me and unzipped him. How was I to know that Debbie would have walked in on us. Some people are so selfish! What about MY right to have sexual pleashure? And he clearly WAS gay cos he got a hard on even though he was unconshcious. God! You'd think I'd like raped him or summat.

Anyway, I'd forgot all about it, cos that's like a typical Tuesday night for me. But Debbie hasn't had like a boyfriend in 5 years and they split up cos of it, so now she's all like "Jamie is a cunt!" and everything, and she's turned all my freinds against me.

So what! Suck it up bitch! I don't need no-one. Woteva and shit!


At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie.

I think you need to ditch your friends. You are way better than them and it is not your fault they do not appreciate you.

Peace out and stay strong.


At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear Debbie was made redundant from losing her job cos Woolies goin' out of business. Poor poor bitch. Mebbe she can work down at Wilko with Miss Thang?


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