Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fuck Debbie and them lot, I am poplar again

I was walking past Climax 2000 and saw that they were having a big birthday party for Miss Thang. I could hear everyone was laughing and stuff inside, but I didn't feel like going in, so I went and sat in the park and was thinking about how unfair everyone is 2 me. And like, why am I misearable cos I am so hot and DESERVE 4 people to love me.

Anyway, I was sitting there for like an hour or summat and it gets dark. Then this really hot stud comes and sits next to me. He's obviously cruising me. He goes "Hi! I'm Tyler." So we like chatted 4 a bit and he's like "Do you want to come home with me? I've got a group session going."

So I'm like "sure, I love group." I was just hoping they were all as hot as him and not some old mingaz.

Anyway, he took me to this weird building and we ended up in this room with all these chairs. "The others will be here soon," Tyler said. So I decided to get comfortable and was taking off my coat and about to unbutton my shirt. Then these 2 really hot guys came in, so I was like "Yeah! Cool! Who wants to go first?" But then these 3 OLD MINGAZ came in after them, so I was like ""Well, OK, you lot can watch if you like."

But then these WOMEN came in. And I was like "what the fuck's goin on?"

But before anyway could explain, they all started singing and dancing and stuff. It was a bit weird at first and I couldn't understand what was going on. I think they were like a pop group or something, but still training. But they had put on some music and actually it was kind of OK, so I started singing and joining in, and I could tell they were all impressed, cos as you all know, I was like almost on Pop Idol and am a very talented singer-dancer.

At the end, someone started talking, but I wasn't paying much attention cos I was too busy looking at Tyler, the dancing had made him all hot and sweaty and he'd like unbuttoned his shirt so I could see all this sexy chest hair poking out. And his big pecs - yum!!

So it was a pretty cool night I guess anyways. And they all hugged me at the end - it was fab having Tyler pressed up against me. I'm in love! I know he feels the same way as he looked deep in my eyes and said "I can't wait to see you again."

They've got my address and said they'll call round tomorrow for another meeting. They've said I should try and learn some of the songs. They're over at this website.

See, I don't need Debbie and that lot. I can easily make freinds who appresiate me.


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