Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jamie4U goes posh

These 2 gay teachers have moved in next door to where I live. Tim and... oh I can't remember the other ones name. But they are like dead posh. Honest they both sound like the man who reads the local news. The other night they were having like a "dinner party" and had all these friends and stuff round and they were all laughing and saying "goodbye" to each other in the garden.

I was a bit jelus cos I never get invited to stuff like that, and they had quite a lot of hot freinds. So I thought I would try and be their best freind myself, so that I could get lots of sex with posh hot people (who would buy me presents and shit, cos since I dumped Brian, moneys been tight).

Anyway, I arranged to bump into them when they were coming back from the shops and was like "Oh hi! I'm Jamie. I'm just like you. I like to suck cocks too! So I heard youre both teachers or summat."

And they were like "No, we work at the university." So I was like "Oh, I did an NVQCXVAC Award in hair therapy at the local college, well I did like a week of it but I had to leave cos of all the homofobia and shit I suffered!" They were like "Oh what a shame!"

So anyway, I invited them round to a "dinner party" last night. My first one. I didn't really know much about them, but I know you have to have like 3 courses of food. So I did toast for the starter. Then we had pot noodles for the main course. And battenburg cake for the sweet. It was fab. I've never done so much cooking in my life! They'd brought round this red wine, but it tasted "off", so I didn't have any. At least they were trying, even if they were clueless!!!

Afterwards we sat down and I got out my drag photo album and showed them all these pictures of me and my mates in drag. They didn't say anything, but I could tell they thought it was hilarious.

Normally by this stage I'd expected that one of them would have followed me into the bathroom or something for sex. But I suppose posh people are a bit different and maybe even shy.

So I turned all the lights off and put some gay porn on. My favourite DVD "Threes on Their Knees". It's a really fab film. You should see it. Anyway, I was enjoying it so much. Then I heard the front door go bang. So I put the lights on and realised they had both left. I suppose I must have turned them on so much that they had both cum too soon and then they got embarrassed and had to go home. Whatever!


At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah right. You can see what "Tim" had to say about the evening at


At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie you are such a liar, no way you are 18. My mate Susan remembers doing the NVQ course in hair therapy with you in 1992 and you were claiming to be 18 then.

So are you back with Brian then? It says so at Tim's website. You kept that quiet didn't you. Ashamed much?

And PS - next time you're in Vibes nightclub, if you start looking over the tops of toilet cubicles again I will beat you to a pulp you little shit. Stevie.

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tim's version really puts things into perspective. Hilarious!

It is interesting to find out that you are really in your late 20's, at least.

Poor Brian. I read your older postings first. I thought he had dumped you. I hope he eventually begins to work on his self-esteem and start moving up in the world.

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Tim "posh" or is he really just normal... average. If he is really just normal and average, what does this make you? Are you a kid, who needs to grow up, or are you that unsophisticated?


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