Friday, September 01, 2006

My wedding list

Well! I have had so many emails from you all saying I shouldnt get married to Brian - I know why, it is cos you is all jealous and want me 4 yourselves. Well you neednt worry - I'm not going to stop been a slag just cos I'm getting married. Just so you know. LOL!

Anyway, there is so much to do to prepare for my wedding! I just cant sit still for a second, it's like I have worms or something (actually I think I do have worms, but wotever!) I have registered my wedding at Clone Zone - a fab gay shop that I love. Here are some of the things I need for my wedding, so get yourself over to Clone Zone and buy me something, bitches!.

I'm going to be wearing this jockstrap as part of my wedding outfit (I'll also wear a veil as well so I'll look classy rather than like a right slut.)

I love gay pride, don't you? Everything at my wedding is going to be either pink triangles or rainbow flags. I want a wedding cake shaped like a pink triangle and all my guests will have to wear pink or rainbow colours otherwise they won't be allowed in. This rainbow feather boa will complete my wedding ensemble - I will do a sexy dance with it as I walk down the aisle - everyone will love that!

I want this cd of pumpin' gay club anthems to be played as my "bridal march". I love NRG I do.

We probably won't bother with a wedding meal or anything. We'll just go straight to Climax 2000. So a few bottles of poppers will come in handy.

This leather sling will be my "honeymoon suite". I just plan to get myself strapped into it on my wedding night and let the fun begin!

Oh, and I might need some bedtime reading to get me in the mood, cos let's face it, Brian's practically old enough to be my grandma.


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