Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jamie4U - like how deep am I?

I had this email from some bitch yesterday and it say:

"Hey Jamie, you are such a cunt. You think you're hot shit but you're thick - why don't you put any pictures of yourself up here? Is it because you're ugly? And learn to spell you moron. You're a selfish, shallow, spiteful little queen and I was laughing my head off when I read about your STD and your failed porn career. You deserve all you get and I feel sorry for your friends."

Nice eh? Like I'm fucking bothered! They can kiss my ass. For every email I get like that I get like 20 begging me to be their boyfriend and telling me how brave I am for coming out so young and being myself.

And anyway, you bitches may think you know me, But you like don't. You don't even know it but I am like this really deep person who thinks about stuff, almost all the time. And to prove it, here's like a poem I wrote. It took me all last night to do. And I think it proves just how "shallow" I really am. Get ready to be blown away...


I am like, just me, you got me?
So you better know yourself bitch
if youre like gonna fuck with my shit K?

Boyz, girlz its like all the same.
It dont matter who you like.
Cos people are like, just shapes.
And it's like, you know.

And if you call me fag or queer or puff n stuff.
Then you need to get wit it.
Cos it's like 2006 and homofobia is so OVER!
Got it bitchez?

If I wanna wear body glitter
Or a see-thru black mesh top
Then it's just me being fabulous
And you need to get over yourself.

Cos I is feerce.
And I'm not gonna be put in your little box
And your words like don't harm me, OK.
So seeya, don't wanna be ya?


I know. I bet you are stunned. Can you believe that I got like an E for my English GSCE? I know.


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Tom SF said...

Beautiful, Jamie. You have such deep passion within you and your bravery humbles us all.

At 2:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your poem changed my life. You should be poet laureate.


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