Friday, December 23, 2005

My Christmas List.

Happy Christmas and shit. So what your gonna get me? Here's my wishlist below.

I already had one of these fab "bitch" belts, but it got lost at Climax2000, my fab local gay club when I was giving these two big skinheads a spit roast.

This "Diva" towel is useful for mopping up spillages and stains as well as being a fab fashion accessory at my local "straight" sauna. Let's all the closets know they mite be in with a chance so long as they're fit and hung and under 20.

I need some formal clothes incase I ever have to go on a proper job interview or a funeral and this black mesh top is a bit boring for me but I guess it'll do at a push.

I love anything with a Rainbow on it. Gay Pride and all that shit! Anyway, I was going to put a picture of myself looking gorgous in this picture and have it on my bed, to remind myself how fab I am - I can also look at it when having sex with slightly fulgy guys.

Go on bitches - get your wallets out!


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