Monday, May 09, 2005

She's going to spend, spend, spend!!!

Now that Barbara is rich, she invited us round to her house for a party (Normally none of use will go cos it stinks of cat wee and cheese and onion pasties). Anyway, when we got there, she was in the garden and had lit a huge bonfire and was burning all her clothes and stuff. "I'm never fucking shopping in Oxfam again!" she said. Miss Thang (my outrageous! drag queen freind) gave a big whoop and then pulled Brian's toupe off and threw it on the fire as well. Brian was so pissed off that he pulled off Miss Thang's wig and threw hers on the fire. Luckily Debbie was there to separate them (she is so good so she should be a bouncer - she sat on them both for 20 minutes until they passed out).

Everyone is being so nice to Barbara it makes me sick sick sick. Its obvious they are only been nice to her cos they want some of her money. Whatever!

Later on, Miss Thang said to Barbara "Honey, there's something different about you. What is it?" And Barbara was like "I've had a face-lift! And Botox!" Then everyone was all like "Oh you look 20 years younger your so fab." It was pathetic! Debbie was kneeling at her feet practically licking between her legs, and Miss Thang was brushing her hair at the same time. Then we were all looking through these holiday brochures and Barbara was like "I'm going to buy a villa in Spain and you can all come and live with me" and stuff.

Nobody wanted to be the first one to leave (cos we were all dieing to slag each other off to Babara) so the party ended up lasting until 8 in the following morning and at that point Barbara collapsed from exhaustion so we all went home at the same time in a bad mood. Brian and Miss Thang had managed to save their wigs from the bonfire - but I think they had each got the wrong one, cos Brian was wearing a burnt, blonde beehive. Luckily, he was too angry and drunk to notice.


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Pascal Van Hecke said...

Hi Jamie,

I compiled a list of gay bloggers, it's almost all in Dutch, but because you're such a famous blogger now, I could not resist adding you, although you're not Flemish or Dutch-speaking at all...


Let me know if you don't want to be on the list, will you?

You can mail met at jamie4u.blogspot.com@vanhecke.info , bye!

At 1:00 PM, Blogger PoetX said...

Christ Jamie now the dutch are after your cock !!! Beware they may be part of some psycho religious cult who want to experiment on your brain.

I think Brian could do with a break from all this torture he obviously loves you very much to put up with all this abuse. Get Barbara to buy him a holiday and then you can have the house to yourself for some hot man on man action in the luxury of your boudoir instead of some stinky toilet.

Have you said hi to Shampayne yet? Think you two could be soul mates !!

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Pascal Van Hecke said...

Hey Poetx,

it's only the Flemish who love Jamie that much!
Well, I assume the Dutch do as well, I've been swamped with mails from Dutch guys wanting to be on this list as well, but , sorry guys, this is a blogroll for people living in Flanders or Brussels... Jamie's on the list because he's so INTERNATIONAL and all!

At 10:58 AM, Blogger PoetX said...

Jamie has been very quiet of late! Has Barbara whisked him off to some Jamaican island or have the Dutch kidnapped him and using him as some sex slave. I hope it's the latter, just think of the stories he would bring back with him !!


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