Wednesday, April 27, 2005

All About Harris

My definitely-closeted boyfriend-to-be Harris must have lost my mobile number so I sent him a text asking him for a drink at Climax, but he wrote back to say he had to go to rugby practice. So invited myself and Debbie and Keith along to watch (a good chance to see him running around in shorts).

ANyway, it was all very phwoaaaar! as you can imagine. He's got lovely pecs and a small bitable bum! There was this blonde bint on the sidelines who was screaming "go Harris!" and it turned out that she's his girlfriend (for now). Anyway, at the end of the match Debbie spilt the contents of a bottle of Iron Bru over her face and she had to go off and get cleaned up. Harris saw us and came over and was like "Where's Laura?" (Laura! Yuck! What sort of posh horsey name is THAT!!!!) So Debbie said "oh she got bored and then she had her period and went home."

Harris said he couldn't come to Climax with us as he was going out drinking with his rugby mates, so we went along as well. Debbie proved to be VERY popular as she could drink them all under the table and was quite happy to show her tits off and sit on their faces and generally be Debbie. I think it went a bit too far though because some of the lads got upset and were crying at the end and stuff.

So that left me with Harris. I took the advice from you lot who always leave comments on here and decided to get him drunk. It didn't take much (tipical student!) so I started asking him about his work-out routine and offered to give him a massage (well I did study health and beauty and hairdressing at Morecambe College for 2 whole weeks before I dropped out cos like I needed to BE MYSELF and FIND OUT WHO I AM by stacking shelves at Asda). He seemed a bit unsertain, saying that he's never had a massage before, so I was like "oh well if you're scared of me and youd rather not have a new expeerience than it doesn't matter." So in the end he agreed and I am going round his room tonight to give him one. And a massage. Ha ha. Wish me luck bitches!


At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Jamie darling, he likes rugby. Are you going to make a forward pass?

At 8:16 AM, Blogger gdayscott said...

just be gentle with him. don't make it too obvious that you are trying to get him pissed. he'll get the fear. also don't be full on as that'll freak him out.

dinner first.
put something nice on the cd player.
dim the lights.
after 4 glasses of rose tell him to take his top off and to put on a pair of your shorts as he'll be more comfy.
then give him his massage (i hear peppermint foot lotion is best for this sort of thing).
make sure you start on his back and end on his legs moving upwards.

gets them every time. so i'm told!


At 8:56 PM, Blogger Rob7534 said...

Oh Jamie sweety, just go for the gold. Take firm, but gentle hold of his penis, and stick it in your mouth!!

All this pandering, and pretending to like sports and going to his bars just to apease him. Just fuck him already!! Of course he wants you... WHO DOESN'T!!

Now take pictures next time to prove your conquest to us darling.


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