Monday, January 10, 2005

What do I look like?

I have had loads of emails since yesterday asking what I look like (some of them from dirty old men in their late 20s who have been asking to see naked pictures - well fuck off! Jamie4U don't do that - unless you send lots of money. Only kidding (or am I?)

Anyway, I don't have any photos of me at the moment, but everybody says I look like Kenzie from Blazin' Squad:

Except that he's like, really fat, so you should imagine that I'm much slimmer than him. Also, I have blonde streaks in my hair and generally am better at applying fake tan than he is. So now you know, beyotches!

Last night at Climax was great. There was this new act onstage, a fabulous drag queen called Miss Thing. She was hilarious, really foul-mouthed - she called Brian an ugly twat. And she got me up on stage at one point and made me get my cock out. Everyone was wetting themselves laughing. After the act, she came and sat with us for ages and told us about her amazing life. She's just back from holiday, where that sunami wrecked all those beaches. "You wouldn't believe it Jamie," she told me. "I'd only set foot inside the brothel when this huge tidal wave came crashing through the window. I had to climb aboard a floating mattress which still had a naked underaged Thai boy tied to it, in order to escape the water. I tell you Jamie, from now on I'm only going to be a sex tourist in South America!" She's hilarious isn't she. More later doods!


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