Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Living with Miss Thang

I have been hanging out at Miss Thang's flat all week, with her and her drag queen friends. They have like adopted me as their mascot. They're great, all they do is beyotch about people, watch gay porn, take drugs, talk about Coronation Street, do each other's make-up and make pots of tea. It's like my fantasy world! All I have to do to make them like me is let one of them give me a blow-job in the bathroom every few hours or so. They keep fighting about who's turn it is next.

Anyway, Keith sent me a txt message and Miss Thang and her friends all thought it would be hilarious to play a joke on him, so I texted Keith to meet me in McDonalds drive-in carpark (that we can see from Miss Thang's bedroom window). He turned up and was waiting for ages in the rain. It was so hilarious - we were all watching him the whole time and making bitchy comments about his (lack of fashion). After about half an hour he looked up at the window and saw us all laughing at him. He's since sent me a text message saying that he hates me and doesn't want to be my friend any more, but as Miss Thang says, "the more you hate someone, the more you love them."

I have been itchy all morning - one of Miss Thang's friends, Miss Lulu, has this manky old cat called "Huge Pussy" and I think it has fleas. I have a few bites on my legs.


At 6:03 PM, Blogger Simon said...

hi jamie hope U R OK. I remember ur site that was connected to that university bloke a few years back. it was gr8. did U shag him? im sure he was nearly 30 LOL. make him put it back up pleez. hope that mavis, debie and barbra are OK 2.

ps i am over 30 but tersea at work sez im dead cute LOL. shes so sweet even though she draws her eyebrows in with a pencil.



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