Saturday, January 22, 2005

Don't go and see Team America

me and Debbie and Keith and Brian and Miss Thing and Miss Lulu and Miss Smelly Discharge decided to go to the pictures last night as we were so bored of going to Climax 2000. I never bother seeing what's on in advance (people who read reviews of films and spend ages deciding what to see are total control-freak bores and probably spend 110% of their lives washing down their kitchen worktops or something). So anyway, we just turned up at the multiplecks. There was this cartoon called "Team America" that Brian wanted to see - "It's really good Jamie! Dead funny!" So we ended up going to see it (although the drag queens somehow got lost taking Kristal, Tina and Mary-Jane in the ladies loos so we didn't see them again).

The film started off good, but I soon got a bit bored - it was like supposed to be funny or something, but it turned out that it was about France and politics and stuff - all that does my head in. Who cares? So after ten minutes I sneaked out to the men's loos. There was these two chavs in there, so I started at them and they stared back and said "what are you fucking looking at?" so I said "fancy a blow job lads?" Anyway, I had a much better time than anyone else (except maybe the drag queens who were totally out of it). I think Brian was a bit pissed off at me because he didn't say anything to me in the car on the way home. And Debbie was kind of in a sugar trance because she'd had one of those giant £5.99 packets of M&Ms to herself.

When we got home, I got out of the car and Brian said "Goodbye Jamie. Forever. And by the way, you've got cum all down the front of your jacket." Then he drove off.

Twenty minutes later he sent me a text message, but I think I must have deleted it by pressing the wrong button. Oh well.


At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian should be pissed off. I hope he did have the common sense to leave you FOREVER.


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